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Ľubica Vlková


Domov: Welcome

Oil painting

"Painting with oil paints, whether with a brush or a pasty spatula, fascinated me since childhood.
It was one of the first classic art techniques that connected me with art and is still a part of me today. _Technique Alla prima - immediate, dynamic and the spontaneous way of painting is my passion, especially in the open air.”

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Watercolor painting

"Watercolor painting is generally considered the second most perfect style, after oil painting. 
Its possibilities are almost inexhaustible through washing, glazing or as a wet watercolor. 
I like to use this technique for designs, studies, or illustrations.

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Digital art

"Digital art gives me freedom to create and has countless possibilities  of practical use.
In marketing for original prints of various materials, such as book illustrations or wall art.
It fascinates me with its variability and endless possibilities. In digital creation, I combine the skills of traditional techniques such as pastel, oil, watercolor  with the latest technologies."

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invitations, courses, awards

On my way, "artistic life", I pass through various milestones and extraordinary events, which I will share with you with great pleasure.

So if you read this far and didn't fall asleep, 😀 so here you will always find up-to-date invitations to my exhibitions and various events, where we can meet in person, talk about current activities in the field of visual arts and possibly establish cooperation.I look forward to seeing you. Carpe diem.